Marsh Machines

RP33129 Cover Weight - Black Electra Moistening Parts Area Covers/KeyPad/Moistening Area RP33119 Gear Assembly Cover - Black RP1903P Water Bottle

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Covers/KeyPad/Moistening        Motor Area

Left Side Gear Area        Front View Area

Part #            Description

RP33471        Weight, Cover - Blue
RP33129        Weight, Cover - Black
RP1903P        Bottle, Water
RP33460        Duck Bill (Pkg. 5 - Fits in Bottle Opening)
RP33300        Cover, Switch/Incl. Keypad - Blue 115v
RP33127        Cover, Switch/Incl. Keypad - Black 115v 
RP32387IP     Cover, Switch/Incl. Keypad - Blue 230v
RP32387        Cover, Switch/Incl. Keypad - Black 230v
RP33132IP     Chassis Assembly, Left - Blue
RP33132        Chassis Assembly, Left - Black
RP33463        Cover, Gear Assembly - Blue
RP33119        Cover, Gear Assembly - Black
RP33149        Tank Assembly, Brush & Water System - Blue 115v
RP33500        Tank Assembly, Brush & Water System - Black 230v
RP33145        Cutter Assembly
RP33124IP     Chassis Assembly, Right - Blue
RP33124        Chassis Assembly, Right - Black
RP33135        Tape Receptacle
RP33139        Tape Guide Assembly
RPJ500-0043-001    Cord, Power Supply
RP1392         Switch, On/Off - 115v
RPE/1393      Switch, On/Off - 230v 
RP1702L        Latch, Brush Tank
RP1712         Moistening Brush
RP1705B        Pressure Pad Weight Assembly
RP16706        Lubricant, Dow Corning (Not Shown)
RP1906B        Water Hose
RP33459        Water Regulator - Blue
RP33112        Water Regulator - Black
RP5015X        Tape Roller Assembly
RP5016          Shaft Tape Roller