MSSC - Marsh Machines

Over the years as the company expanded their product line with other packaging products a new logo was created to represent the company. The MSSC stands for Marsh Shipping Supply Company and/or Marking • Stenciling • Sealing • Coding.

This site has been developed to cover the history of the Marsh Taper over the last 50 years and some of the models that were produced for companies to seal their cartons. Click here for the history.

Gummed Tape Dispensers

MSSC (Marsh) offers the TD2100 series label with models designated as the TDE110 and TDH. 

Three electronic models (also available in 220v):

  • TDE110 Taper, TD2100 Electric 110V
  • TDE110-PS Taper, TD2100 Electric 110V Premium Short
  • TDE110-PL Taper, TD2100 Electric 110V Premium Long
  • TDH - TD2100 Manual - Inch Scale
  • TDH110 - TD2100 Manual - Inch Scale - 110V Heater

Also available in metric and 220v models.

These newly designed machines offer all steel construction, better cutters and "wide track" dispensing.

We offer replacement parts for the Marshtapers in our shopping cart. We also work with resellers and the paper sales companies.

The following Marshtapers models are from the last 15-30 years:

Marsh_Ultra.jpg (19050 bytes) marsh_5ht

Marshtapers over the years have changed their names from the Ultra that was replaced by the Electra which is now replaced by the TD2100 series TDE110 models. The models above were also manufactured for Intertape Polymer Group™ (Central Brand Tape) in red and blue colors.  If you purchased machines with your gummed tape and need after warranty service or parts, give us a call.  We will be happy to support your needs. 

American Flag Made in USA

If you need a NAFTA Certificate with your purchase to Canada
 or Mexico request one at the time of purchase!

I have a few .pdf files on some of the Marsh machines.  Click here for the owners/operator parts manual for the new 2100 Electronic.   Click here for the owners/operator parts manual for the 2100 Manual.

For the 4BT model click here.  The Ultra is available here, the 5HT manual here.  These .pdf files contain parts lists, maintenance instructions, and set up instructions.  The files are large and use Adobe to read.