The History of Marsh Tapers Part 1

Over the last fifty years the Marsh Company evolved to meet the challenges of todays packaging and shipping departments. The "old" Marsh Company offered three different electronic tape machines during the 1960's, 1970's and 1980's and one manual.

Most of the parts have been discontinued. The moistening brush and cutter blade assembly are still available for these models.


The 4BT offered preset lengths arranged in a circle. The Touch-Taper offered a single brush moistening system with an adjustable tank heater. Tape rolls were easy to change out with the top drop in design.


For fastest closure of random size cartons select one of 16 conveniently positioned tape buttons to receive a specified moistened length.


The Marsh 3FH Twin-Taper was a special version of the tape dispenser that offered two present lengths that were set on the dial with either a cooresponding red or blue stop. The Twin-Taper was great for applications where the same size carton was being sealed with a "H" tape sealing pattern of one long and two short strips.



For fastest closure of uniform size cartons, the Twin Taper makes the most efficient use of equipment and packing personnel.


The 3D Dial Taper was a random tape dispenser. The operator would pick a length and dial it in like a rotary telephone. Simple and easy to use.


For best performance in cold, damp hostile environments. The Marsh 3D is reliable and trouble-free.


The basic Marsh Manual used many of the same moistening, dispensing, and cutting parts as the electronics.

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