Marsh Tapers History Part 2

With the advent of better electronics, the Marsh Company redesigned the gummed tape dispensers in the later 1980's with the Ultra and in the 90's with the Electra. Marsh kept the same tank, bottle, brush, and tape weights with the newer design.

Marsh introduced the Ultra Marsh Taper in the later 1980's. Simple in design and easy to use keeping many of the same features as the older units. For more information on the Ultra, click here.

Some of the common parts are available.


Marsh replaced the Ultra with the Electra. The Electra offered improved electronics, more options for dispensing tape, yet maintained the same look. For more information and support documents, click here.


The Marsh 5HT Manual gummed tape dispenser used many of the same components as the Ultra and Electra. Simple to use, easy to repair.

The machine was manufactured under several different colors. Green, blue, orange, red, and black. Some of the parts are still available. For more info click here.

In 2005 Marsh designed a brand new series of tape machines from the ground up. The TD2100 series were developed using many of the same common components and adding a number of safety features to improve performance. Check out the TD2100 from our home page.

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