Marsh Manual Machine

The Marsh 5HT has been discontinued.

Marsh redesigned the 5HT manual gummed tape dispenser to include stainless steel cutting blades to improve performance. Order part #180P-RP33145 replacement shears for all marsh machines manufactured prior to 2006.

  • Portable
  • 4"-42" per handle stroke
  • Single Moistening Brush

The 5HT was replaced by the TD2100 series.  Click here for more info.

This model was also manufactured for Intertape Polymer Group™ (Central Brand Tape) in a bright red/orange and in blue.  If you purchased machines with your gummed tape and need after warranty service or parts, give us a call.  We will be happy to support your needs. 

  Made in USA

Changes included: a new color - black, the tape channel was modified, a larger water bottle with a drip-resistant nozzle, and stainless steel cutting shears.

Simple and easy to use.  Adjustable tape pressure pad and angled moistening brush make for a good seal.  The Marsh manual utilizes a single brush for moistening and a top cover that also acts as an "upper tape plate".


A tank "post" heater and/or a modification kit to handle 1000 foot rolls of tape. 

NOTE:  Marsh Shipping Supply Co., LLC recommends on page 23 of their maintenance manual to clean the brush, tank and blades on a daily basis.

Click here for a Picture Parts List ... Click here for the Owner's Manual.