Marsh Machines

The newest Marsh manual model HT (Blue and Black) is very similar to the 5HT (Green and Orange) for parts replacement.  When ordering parts have your model number, color, and serial number available.  Brushes, bottles, blades are the same on all Marsh machine over the last 10 years.  Marsh HT Brochure

Moistening Parts Area RP33129 Cover, Weight - Black RP5095X Lever, Operation and Grip RO5013X Nut Assy, Stop Pad RP33139 Tape Guide Assembly RP1903P Water Bottle Gear Cover Area RP5015X Tape Roller Assy.

Click on the areas below for additional pictures:

Housing/Gear Cover         Loose/Moistening Parts        Cutting Shear Area

Underside/Gears           Inside Top Cover Parts        Tape Basket Area

Part #        Description

RP33480    Plate, Right Side - Blue
RP33457    Plate, Right Side - Black 
RP5008     Pad Foot 
RP5005IN  Scale, Length - Inches 
RPE/5005  Scale, Length - Metric 
RP33479    Plate, Left Side - Blue 
RP33456    Plate, Left Side - Black 
RP5090X    Pad Assembly, Stop 
RP33471    Cover, Weight - Blue 
RP33129    Cover, Weight - Black 
RP5013X    Nut Assembly, Stop Pad 
RP5016      Shaft, Tape Roller 
RP5015X    Tape roller Assembly 
RP1903P    Bottle, Water 
RP33139    Tape Guide Assembly 
RP5095X    Lever, Operation and Grip 
RP33120    Tank Brush Assembly - Black 
RP33149    Tank Brush Assembly - Blue
RP33500    Tank Brush Assembly - 220v
RP1712      Moistening Brush 
RP33460    Duck Bill (Pkg. of 5)