Marsh Electra

Electric Gummed Tape Dispenser

Marsh discontinued the Electra. The Electra offered single brush moistening with a tank "post" heater, two programmable keys, and 20 preset lengths with the use of a "shift" key. Large water bottle with rear subway feed to tank offers a slimmer profile.

This model was also manufactured for Intertape Polymer Group™ (Central Brand Tape) in blue. If you purchased machines with your gummed tape and need after warranty service or parts, give us a call. We will be happy to support your needs. 

Marshtapers over the years have changed their names from the Ultra that was replaced by the Electra which is now replaced by the TD2100 series TDE110 models. Click here for more info.

New features include a 48 oz. bottle (largest in the industry), stainless steel cutting blades, and a tactile keypad.

The new program feature allows for packers to select from 20 different pre-programmed lengths and "store" it in either the "Repeat Long" or "Repeat Short" length keys on the front of the tactile keypad.  The repeat lengths stay until changed by the operator.  A very handy feature for common size boxes or "H" sealing.



Tape coder: Use the tape coder to personalize your carton sealing. Especially useful for company logos and date codes.

1000 Foot Modification Kit:  Allows you to use up to 1000 foot tape roll flawlessly.

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