Marsh Machines

RP1392 Switch, On/Off - 115v RP12293 Heater Assembly Cartridge - 115v RP31946 Bottom Cover RP31946 Bottom Cover RP1702L Brush Tank Latch RP1808 Thermostat RP12584 Plate Assembly - 115v RP33145 Cutter Assembly RP12365 Link Sub-Assembly, Cutter RP17666 Wheel Assembly, Measuring RP17389 Shoulder Bolt RP12424 Shaft Assembly, Pivot RP12424 Shaft Assembly, Pivot RP17390 Bracket, Measuring Wheel RP14334 Sensor, w/Connector RP14334 Sensor, w/Connector RP5015X Tape Roller Assembly RP33138 Tie Rod RP29242 Tape Channel RP29242 Tape Channel RP29242 Tape Channel RP33124 Chassis Assembly Right - Black

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Covers/KeyPad/Moistening        Motor Area

Left Side Gear Area

Part #            Description

RP33132IP     Chassis Assembly, Left - Blue
RP33132        Chassis Assembly, Left - Black
RP31946        Cover, Bottom
RP12365        Link Sub-Assembly, Cutter
RP33145        Cutter Assembly
RP12424        Shaft Assembly, Pivot
RP17390        Bracket, Measuring Wheel
RP17666        Wheel Assembly, Measuring
RP17389        Bolt, Shoulder
RP29242        Channel, Tape
RP33124IP     Chassis Assembly, Right - Blue
RP33124        Chassis Assembly, Right - Black
RP33138        Rod, Tie
RP14334        Sensor, With Connector
RP1392         Switch, On/Off - 115v
RPE/1393      Switch, On/Off - 230v 
RP1702L        Latch, Brush Tank
RP12584        Plate Assembly - 115v
RP12585        Plate Assembly - 230v
RP12293        Heater Assembly Cartridge - 115v
RP12334        Heater Assembly Cartridge - 230v
RP1808          Thermostat
RP5015X        Tape Roller Assembly
RP5016          Shaft, Tape Roller Assembly