Marsh Machines

RP25348 Line Filter RP5015X Tape Roller Assembly RP5016 Shaft Tape Roller RP16202 Capacitor - 6 MF 115v Motor RP1808 Thermostat Solenoid Assembly RP12407 Solenoid Spring Power Cord RP13008 Shift Shaft Assembly RP12263 Lower Feed Wheel RP14656 Feed Wheel Shaft RP12584 Plate Assembly 115v RP33138 Tie Rod RP29242 Tape Channel RP29242 Tape Channel RP5008 Foot Pad

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Covers/KeyPad/Moistening        Left Side Gear Area        Front View Area

Part #            Description

RP5008          Foot Pad
RP16716        Motor Assembly - 115v
RP16717        Motor Assembly - 230v
RP14656        Shaft, Feed Wheel
RP27539        Bracket, Filter
RP25348        Filter, Line
RP17389        Bolt, Shoulder
RP16202        Capacitor - 6 MF 115v
RP16424        Capacitor - 4 MF 230v
RP12263        Wheel, Feed - Lower
RP29242        Channel, Tape
RP3101A        Bearing, Flanged Nylon
RP14881        Bearing, Flanged Nylon 1/4 x 3/8 
RP33138        Rod, Tie
RP33135        Tape Receptacle
RP12407        Spring, Solenoid
RP13008        Shaft Assembly, Shift
RP27383        Solenoid Assembly - 115v
RP27384        Solenoid Assembly - 230v
RPJ500-0043-001    Cord, Power Supply
RP12584        Plate Assembly - 115v
RP12585        Plate Assembly - 230v
RP14873        Switch Assembly, Triac (not Shown)
RP12293        Heater Assembly Cartridge - 115v
RP12334        Heater Assembly Cartridge - 230v
RP33104        Bolt, Shoulder - Tape Recp.
RP1808          Thermostat
RP5015X        Tape Roller Assembly
RP5016          Shaft Tape Roller